hot List items                                                                                                                                                                                  the following are just some of the things we like to buy              


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                   trunnion mounted ball valves and floating ball valves                      

              balon ball & check valves. cameron wKM  370d4  370d5 370d6. grove b5 series. kF. orbit.         

    fisher emerson valves & valve components 

Fisher Valve Buyer

dVC6010 DVC6020 DVC6030 DVC6200 DVC6205 fieldvue controllers.

fisher Spring & diaphragm actuators types 667 657 1052 1051 2052 1061 1068. 

fisher ball valves rotary & pipeline 

 vee-ball types  v100 v150 v150s v200 v250 v300  v500 v260 v270 

E-body sliding stem globe plug & dump Valve types.

complete actuated or sub assembly in any condition. even washed out valves have value 

type ED.  type ET. type EZ. type EH. type HP.  model D4 D3 type YS type D type A,

gas regulators & reducers like fisher big joe & little joe type 99 type95 type 63EGR  type 627 

 fisher 4160 & 4150 valve controllers. fisher C1 Pneumatic controllers. and much more!

pipeline expanding & slab gate valves

wKM POW R SEAL. M&j.  SPX.  daniel. general twin seal.

bettis actuators

model G10 G20 G30 G40 G50 & T series. 

all the above items are just a general idea of what we really like to pay competitive prices on

most items have value in any condition size & pressure 

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